Gyoku's Miscellaneous Essays etc.

This is a repository for whatever long form thoughts that I think are worth preserving. It's been years since I've had such a website; usually I've just posted thoughts on whatever forums still exist or blogs still allow comments. But sometimes there are things that are on my mind that are worth getting into a long form but which don't fit on any particular site that I frequent.

Don't expect regular updates. Don't expect things to look nice (I seriously considered putting this in Gopherspace before deciding on Neocities.) In turn I don't expect any traffic. This is just a personal homepage that serves no useful purpose and with no intended audience, just like 90% of the interent in the good old days.

Originally this website was just a listing of essays available, but it's reached the point where we need some actual organization. Here's a site map:

And for that old web vibe, some animated gifs that largely have nothing to do with the site itself: